Myers Tree Care Customer Testimonials

Here are testimonials collected from satisfied customers in Stockport, Manchester, Cheshire and beyond who have used our professional tree surgeon and tree care services over many years. If you're a new customer then we'd welcome the chance to earn your testimonial too!

Tree surgeon in Stockport installs radio antenna

Normally our tree surgeon in Stockport will climb trees to dismantle and fell them but occasionally we get an unusual request. This customer is an amateur radio ham and what better way to get your antenna up high than have an experienced tree climber do it for you. Of course we've done treework for this customer neighbours in Marple Bridge too.

49David Myers and his team have fixed various amateur radio antenna anchor wires into the tops of trees for me.

The work has always been done promptly and exactly as I wanted (or better).

They are all highly professional, very friendly, and the work was done without any damage to the trees or the surrounding garden.

They are absolute gems who I would recommend for any tree-based work without reservation.

They have also done tree surgery for several neighbours who are also delighted with the quality of their work.


Eric Chantler,

Marple Bridge

Date of Posting: 26 June 2011
Posted By: Eric Chantler
Marple Bridge, Stockport

Tree surgeon in Manchester gives great advice

If you need a tree surgeon in Manchester to remove diseased or dangerous trees close to buildings this is an arboricultural aspect that Myers Tree Care has vast experience of dealing with. We are always happy to give advice to potential tree care customers.

We had a problem with self-seeded trees that had been allowed to grow and also a large mature tree which was very close to neighbouring buildings. We were very grateful to Dave for his advice on the mature tree, which ultimately had to be removed because it was diseased.

We were impressed by the speed and efficiency with which the trees were felled and the timber removed leaving us with a tidy site.

Date of Posting: 20 June 2011
Posted By: FSTC Ltd
Private Company in conservation area in Manchester, Victoria Park, Rusholme Manchester

Tree surgeon in Hale Barns "gives first class service"

While working as a tree surgeon in Hale Barns felling a number of trees and maintaining others we were delighted to receive this fantastic testimonial from this tree care customer in Cheshire!

Myers Tree Care did a superb job felling several trees in our garden and tidying up a number of others.

They are prompt, highly skilled and professional, thoroughly nice guys, and they worked incredibly hard.

The site was left immaculate when they finished.

Given the first class service they provide I wouldn't consider going elsewhere in the future, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone requiring arboricultural services.

Many thanks David and team.

Date of Posting: 20 May 2011
Posted By: Sarah Metcalf
Hale Barns, Cheshire

Tree surgeon in Derbyshire manages leylandii hedges

It's not unusual for us to venture across the border and work as a tree surgeon in Derbyshire. The small village of Rowarth is just a stone's throw from Marple Bridge and Mellor, where Myers Tree Care is based, and we've taken care of Mr Page's high leylandii hedges and other tree care maintenance for many years.

Dear Dave and Team,

This is a long overdue written "THANK YOU" for the regular maintenance of my high leylandii hedges which you have managed over the last nine years, plus intermediate tree maintenance and advice. You and your team have "always" provided a professional, polite, service and "always" leave the finished job as tidy, if not tidier than when you started. May Myers Tree Care continue to develop and prosper so others can benefit from your expert and friendly service.

Kind regards, Kevin Page, Rowarth.

Date of Posting: 19 May 2011
Posted By: Kevin Page
Rowarth, Derbyshire

Tree surgeon in Derbyshire maintains wisteria

Another venture across the border as a tree surgeon in Derbyshire, this time maintaining an ancient wisteria on an even older cottage in Buxworth, High Peak. It is pleasing to be given the opportunity to care for such a faboulous specimen and a side of our arborial expertise that we don't get to use ofen enough.

25We have a 17th century cottage with a magnificant wisteria at the front and side of the house.

We had pruned it ourselves from time to time but the time had come for a general overhaul tidy up and re-bracketing.

Quite by chance we tracked down Dave Myers who it turns out had tended it for our predecessors.

We were delighted with his work and for the professional care and attention delivered.

This vast wisteria is now properly supported and now that it is out in full bloom looks even more fantastic than ever.

Thanks, John & Shelagh Wolfson.

Date of Posting: 11 May 2011
Posted By: John & Shelagh Wolfson
private home owners, Buxworth, High Peak

Manchester Tree Surgeon rescues Christmas!

Although much of our work is as a tree surgeon in Manchester and surrounding areas, we're not averse to travelling afar, especially if it presents an interesting arborial challenge. This job in Retford, Nottinghamshire was for a regular customer but was rather more of an emergency than we normally expect. We were delighted to respond quickly and give the customer peace of mind that his home was safe for Christmas!

24We have used and trusted Dave and his highly skilled team for over thirteen years and would use them as a benchmark for the industry.

His latest project began during the heaviest snow storm for decades, when five huge branches of a mature Cedar Atlas snapped under the weight of snow and created a dangerous situation especially to the bungalow adjacent to this tree.

On the 21-12-10, just before Christmas, two of the team arrived and in spite of the freezing conditions successfully removed and made safe the hung up branches and gave us peace of mind to enjoy Christmas.

They subsequently removed and felled the remaining tree limbs and trunk in their usual professional and safety conscious manner. I wish to thank them all for their professionalism and absolute regard and respect for safety, under extremely difficult conditions and I would recommend them for any project no matter what the demands were.

Date of Posting: 10 May 2011
Posted By: Roy Smith
Victorian Society member and woodland preservationist, Retford, Nottinghamshire

Tree Surgeon in Marple Bridge pruning recommended

The work for a tree surgeon in Stockport is not always about felling and dismantling huge trees. We excel at that but also have the arboricultural knowledge and experience to deal with delicate pruning that will improve and protect your favourite garden trees for the future.

I had Myers Tree Care to prune a hawthorn tree and a holly tree. They arrived when they said they would, did the job to my satisfaction, cleared all the rubbish and left the place cleaner than it was before they came. I would recommend Myers Tree Care to anyone who has any problems with trees or wants advice.

Date of Posting: 31 March 2011
Posted By: Thomas Brennan
Retired Haulage Contractor, Marple Bridge